High Class Escorts or Standard Escorts

Level of service is indeed the most essential factors to consider when hiring an escort in London. When hiring an escort, you can choose from standard escorts or high class escorts. There are lots of disparities between the two, and some of the differences are listed below.
Dress and Makeup

A regular or standard escort in London will arrive in whatever she thinks at ease for her at the moment. On the other hand, high class escort comes in a classy dress and wearing expensive makeup with proper hairstyle. And at first glance, you will never expect that they are escorts. These escorts also take special outfit request. A standard escort in London will take lots of booking or agreements because of the fact that she wants to earn more, while high class escorts just book once a day, and just two to three times a week.

Dedicated and Open Minded to Make you Happy
A standard escort is choosy and most of the times always refuse to the requests of the clients while a high class escorts go all the way. They are very much dedicated and open minded to make their clients contented. High class escort charge high opposed to standard escorts, but they offer the best service you want.

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